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Hogwarts Students (Page 5: 201-250 of 12568)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 14 God narcisozaun Diagon Alley Human Male 1296 days
Yes 14 Goddess FervaGreyback Diagon Alley Human Male 53 days
Yes 14 God Jaxon Ottery St. Catchpole Death Eater Male 503 days
Yes 14 Goddess Pyper Knockturn Alley Death Eater Male 725 days
Yes 14 Goddess HazelLove Hogwarts Death Eaters Male 1682 days
Yes 14 God AeroStorm Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 1614 days
Yes 14 Bihexual Antoinette Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female Today
Yes 14 God CivilDoc Hogsmeade Death Eater Male 172 days
Yes 14 Goddess Charlotte Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 2670 days
Yes 14 Goddess Emberly Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 1132 days
Yes 14 Goddess Saeryn Diagon Alley Human Male 2667 days
Unconscious 14 Goddess ElenaRose Hogwarts Death Eater Female 927 days
Yes 14 Meanderer Haji Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 1727 days
Yes 14 The! Lightning Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 713 days
Yes 14 God Pitar Hogsmeade Human Male 591 days
Yes 14 God SammyWinchester Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 911 days
Yes 14 Goddess Zell Hogsmeade Human Female 1864 days
Yes 14 Goddess IndyJones Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 1673 days
Yes 14 Candystore AanikaMead Hogwarts Auror Female 12 days
Yes 14 Goddess Jane Diagon Alley Human Female 2662 days
Yes 14 Maestro jesse Hogsmeade Auror Male 1023 days
Yes 14 Goddess MyssFae Hogsmeade Human Female 2340 days
Yes 14 Maestro Saphira Hogwarts Auror Female 924 days
Yes 14 Goddess Doggo Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 592 days
Yes 14 Goddess NWeasley Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 3005 days
Yes 14 Demigoddess Xena Ottery St. Catchpole Death Eater Female 14 days
Yes 14 Magnificent Augustus Hogsmeade Human Female 369 days
Yes 14 Magi Dracodex Ministry of Magic Auror Female 47 days
Yes 14 Out of the Park Hogwarts Human Male 1 day
Yes 14 Druidess Sapphira Diagon Alley Death Eater Female 83 days
Yes 14 Last Paragon GuillaumeCapet Hogwarts Auror Male 79 days
Yes 14 FireBrand AetherSargas Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 2602 days
Yes 14 Bottom Feeder March Hogwarts Death Eater Female 10 days
Yes 14 Calamity PiperRoku Hogwarts Death Eaters Female 844 days
Yes 14 Sixthyeargirl RomulaBlack Hogwarts Human Female 39 days
Yes 14 Fifthyeargirl Charlie Hogwarts Human Female 2 days
Yes 14 Little One Infinity Hogwarts Human Female 699 days
Yes 14 Twilight Ruby Hogwarts Human Female 37 days
Yes 14 Thirdyearboy ArusPennwalt Hogsmeade Human Male 1468 days
Yes 14 Secondyeargirl Blakewood Hogwarts Human Female 87 days
Yes 14 Secondyearboy Tyrion Hogwarts Human Male 1568 days
Yes 14 Firstyearboy Eternalkll Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 138 days
Yes 14 Firstyearboy Kiritogrey Hogwarts Human Male 2 days
Yes 14 Penitent LilithSparks Hogwarts Human Female 114 days
Yes 14 Firstyeargirl virginiastewart Hogwarts Human Female 78 days
Yes 14 MasterOfTheBow Zhang Hogwarts Human Male 2495 days
Yes 13 Gryffindor Gary Number 12 Grimmauld Place Auror Male 763 days
Yes 13 The Unwritten FoolscapFolio Hogwarts Auror Male 23 days
Yes 13 AnsweredHisPrayers Mariana Hogwarts Auror Female 1 day
Yes 13 &Hopeless Abraxas Hogwarts Human Female 465 days
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