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Staff List

NameSex Description Online
!Headmaster Danilo Male Founder/Owner/Headmaster/Head Of Gryffindor No
!Alchemist Edmund Male Head Sys Admin/Head of Ravenclaw No
!DoNotDisturb WitchyWoman Female Headmistress/Head Administrator/Head of Hufflepuff No
!MostDefinitelyNot SpinalRemains Female Deputy Headmistress/Lt. Head Administrator/Head of Slytherin No
!Prophet Male Administrator No
!Fat Friar Male Administrator No
@House Elf Kilian Male Jr. Administrator No
&Faerie Princess Female Moderator No
& Perfect Disaster Hera Female Moderator No
&Hopeless Abraxas Male Moderator No
&Cuddly Pandabear Female Moderator No
& Fire&Ice Male Moderator No
&Bloody Rose Female Jr. Moderator Yes
Headmistress Inee Female Honorary No
DeputyHeadmaster Errol Male Honorary No
Bellatrix Female Honorary No
Dementor AuroraBorealis Female Honorary No
Lady Of Fantasy SerenityRose Female Honorary No
GirlonFire LilyAnnKnight Female Honorary No

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